OZO-PLUS 臭氧发生器


The OZO PLUS is Ozone Generator system provides a cost-effective and low chlorine disinfection solution for aquarium, aquaculture and swimming pool.

Ozone Technology

Ozone is the second most powerful sterilant in the world after UV-light. It is the most effective water disinfection and sanitation system. It's up to 3,000 times more powerful as a germicide than chlorine. Not only ozone can almost 100% kill of all bacteria, virus, and fungus in 0.05ppm without toxic residues, but also enhancing the effectiveness of sand filter filtration to a crystal & sparkling water, by direct oxidization and decomposition of organic waste.

Ozone kills bacterial within 1-10 seconds by oxidative burst occurs over the cell wall during contact and cells die without cell wall maintain.

How It Works

The system consists of a corona discharge ozone generator and automatically air dryer unit which can be used in combination to give ozone outputs 4-8 g/h.

Ozone is produced when the air is passed over a ceramic dielectric ozone generating module containing a stainless steel electrode. The module is powered by a high voltage/ high-frequency power board. Ozone is injected through a water driven venturi which ensures maximum safety against ozone gas leakage.

The air dryer unit contains twin desiccant dryer columns which are automatically heated regenerated controlled by a programmable relay system. When the air dryer system is used the normal output of the generators is doubled.

how it works



Pool, Spa, Water Feature, Aquarium, and Aquaculture


Ozone Advantage

1 Reduce the chlorine or bromine use up to 90%

2 Effective against chlorine resistant micro-organisms, such as cryptosporidium & giardia

3 Reduced skin and eye irritation

4 Very low trihalomethanes levels

5 Significant improvement in water clarity, as flocculent power  

ozone a

System Features

1 Simple to install and operate

2 Compact design suitable for minimal plant room space requirement



1 Ozone Generator: mild steel epoxy coated cabinet

2 Cell: Ceramic Tube and 316SS Electrode

3 Air Dryer: mild steel epoxy coated cabinet

4 Dual desiccant array designed to negative pressure operation automatic regenerate during heat exchange



1 Degassing system

2 Booster pump


Product Dimension

product dimension

product dimension 2