Hydrau-Power Commercial Plastic Pump


APS Series is a high power plastic body pump for high flow rate application, such as pools in hotels, residential communities, Olympic pools, water parks, fish farms and seawater facilities.


1 High-volume self-priming pump available in 2 and 4 poles versions ideal for larger filtration systems

2 Features large suction-side pre-filter which together with excellent hydraulic performance ensures extremely high filtration         capacity

3 Filter with polycarbonate cover for easy viewing of pre-filter basket content 

4 Low noise level: up to 68 dB

5 Hydraulic efficiency of 85%

6 30 litre prefilter (10HP-15HP)

7 DN Flanges connection

813-liter pre-filter (5.5HP-7.5HP), 4 inch Flange connection

9  IE3 Class motor efficiency